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Mission (1)

Chairman’s Message


Bangladesh’s economical and social landscape has changed  positively in last few decades. Abundance of human capital has a significant effect on this. MaDE aims to work with underprivileged communities and help them utilizing their potential for a better socio economic development in Bangladesh.  It has created precisely with the objective of building the capacity of Bangladeshi human resources with emphasis on the people who are socio-economically disadvantaged.

Sustainability is core to MaDE’s purpose. We are working to see our activities bringing an sustainable development in our society. Our believe is that,  anyone can easily eradicate the socio-economical barriers to development with proper support and guidance. MaDE is working to became that support for the people in need.

MaDE has been established by the people who have diverse  professional experiences of working in local and international development. As well as personal interest to help people. We are also partnering with the similar minded organizations and alliances.

Together we are ready to face the future with confidence and optimism.

Sarker Nurul Momen


Making Development Effective (MaDE)