About Us

Making Development Effective (MaDE) is a Bangladeshi non-government organization working to ensure sustainable solutions for socio-economic issues in the society.   The organization is working to provide the underprivileged with equal opportunities to utilize their potentials. Our projects plans to provide financially disadvantaged people with access to vital services. We aim to protect communities from disasters and train them on live saving emergency aid and information to lead a environment friendly lifestyle.

We are strongly committed to support people with special need to become economically empowered. Our team is always ready to help youth with innovative idea to do any betterment of the society. One of our core strength is to understand, contextualize and deploy technology solutions for social issues. We also provide project review and sustainability impact analysis for organizations.

MaDE is committed to support organizations to develop better CSR initiatives and effective implementation. Because we strongly believe that perfection is a continuous process to ensure improvement and increased efficiency with each iteration.